Get to know our founder....

Kimberly Hoo is an ICU-Nurse that has over 15 years of experience in the nursing field. She was 17 when she started nursing school and has achieved her Bachelor's degree in Nursing and science in the Netherlands. She has worked in different departments of health care, such as: different nursing homes, mental health institutions, home care, to different hospital wards and lastly, she worked as an ICU nurse at the Horacio Oduber  Hospital in Aruba.


Kimberly has her own vision on how care is supposed to be provided and knows what she can bring to the table when it comes to providing care. This is why she has taken this huge step in to entrepreneurship and started this journey to provide different care services to tourists visiting Aruba as well as providing care to the local population of Aruba.

Trinity - home care services adapted to your needs!

About Trinity......


Trinity Quality Care Services was founded in 2021 after restructuring the services of Nursability VBA.  


Our founder realized that the company is offering services in different departments, such as:

  • Mobile Nurse Services

  • Specialized Care

  • Transitional Care Services


Because of the 3 care departments of the company, Kimberly decided to name the company:

“ Trinity Quality Care Services”


The name “Trinity” has different meanings which are:

  • Trinity signifies the number 3 which stands for the 3 service departments that Trinity will be providing

  • Trinity means perfection and completion. This is also what we are aiming for in our services. Our customers can expect high quality care when making use of our services.

  • Trinity has a spiritual meaning as well to the founder’s belief and faith.


Trinity mission:

To provide High Quality Care services adapted to our customers needs!

Trying to make their life as easy as possible when dealing with:

  • Chronic or acute illness

  • Needing care during vacation and/or holidays

  • Needing care at home

  • Elderly care

  • Post operation/hospitalization care